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Check the balance of your MEC gift card, then sell your MEC gift cards on GiftCash!

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Redeemable for products or services available from MEC online, by phone or at any MEC store. Gift cards don’t expire and are freely transferrable. Cards are shipped by standard mail to a specified shipping address. They cannot be picked up using in-store pickup as a shipping method. To redeem, select gift card as a payment type during checkout, and enter both the gift card number and PIN. Numbers are on the back of the card. If the PIN is not visible, scratch off the sticker to reveal it.

About Gift Cash

GiftCash provides our customers with a quick and easy way to sell unused gift cards for up to 93% of their face value in cash. Gift cards remain one of the most popular items on wish lists, yet many of them hold a remaining balance or are forgotten altogether. Whether it’s a gift card for Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, etc we’ll buy it and free your wallet of those pesky space wasters. This is the best way to avoid inactivity fees or find yourself stuck with expired gift cards.

Not sure of the balance on your gift card?
If it has been a while since you used a gift card, there's a chance you’ve forgotten its value. While some retailers provide a way to check this online, we will also verify a gift cards remaining balance for every transaction.

Have a card we don't accept?
Our supported retailers and merchants list is constantly growing, so if you’ve got a gift card that’s not on our site please let us know. The more inquiries we receive about a given store, the more likely we are to add it to our catalog.